Monday, February 16, 2009

to those of you who knows someone with cancer

For those of you who know someone with cancer or that has past from cancer (CANCER AWARENESS FOR THE UNINSURED) has started a afghan of HOPE a time to REMEMBER. And we are asking that if you or someone you know has cancer please donate a square in there name, The square will have the name of the person its for and the person who sent it.Cancer is everywear and we need to remind the ones who don't deal with this how important it is to help them in there time of need this afghan is are way of letting people know that we care , please take the time to make a square in the name of someone you know who is fighting this can pm me for the address to send it to GOD BLESS and thanks for taking the time to read this . If you don't know the color of cancer ribbon I do just ask

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