Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jimbo's hooks

Hello all , great find I have never had a wood hook in my life and I have not seen one either.Well one of the girls in crochet ville had a picture of Jimbo's hooks .I feel in love with it and had the chance to see some of his other work.And you can see the heart and soul this man puts into his work all wood from his land and words can't even be gain to say anything about it. Its something you have to see for your self.He does Auction Them off. Its not something that I will ever have but you have to check out his work at Jimbo's Front Pouch. It is well worth the time to see the work of a craftsmen doing what he does best. I just can't say enough about his work and I don't own one of his hooks.And had never seen a wood hook before this so take the time and visit his site . you will fall in love with it.

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